Are you the owner of a local business who believes in food security? Consider sponsoring the FruitShare program. We are a group of dedicated volunteers who rely solely on the generosity of donors. Having one or several local businesses adopt FruitShare is key to our sustainability and growth. Businesses can showcase their support within the community with recognition on FruitShare brochures, shirts, lawn signs, public trees, and at our events. Potential sponsors are encouraged to call 705-715-2255 or email Donations can also be made through the website in the upper right corner of this page.DSC_0076 (2)

With the number of local businesses who generously contribute to put their names on team jerseys, park fitness equipment, public buildings, or other worthy social projects, surely there is at least one who believes that rescuing local organic fruit and sharing it among the hungry is worth a few dollars. If you know of a business which might feel that way, please have them call or email us at 705-715-2255

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