Fruit Share 2019

Some changes have been made to this years FruitShare model. As you might imagine, coordinating numerous volunteers at several different locations over various time frames determined by seasonal variations and fruit ripening dates, is quite a challenging and time-consuming task! As a result of time and resource constraints, the partners of FruitShare (Living Green and Urban Pantry) have made the hard decision to scale back FruitShare’s harvest/core operation in 2019.

However, because of generous support from our dedicated sponsor, Jackie Ramler with Raymond James
Executive Wealth Advisors, Living Green will still be able to carry out a “condensed” version of the harvest season.

If you have a fruit tree that you anticipate being ready to pick on the dates below, please let us know ASAP
and we will arrange a time to come and assess the potential pick.

If you are one of our volunteer pickers and know that you will be available for one or both of these days, please let us know!

Email us:

(Please include your full name and contact number!)



 Upcoming Events

2019 FruitShare Blitz and Barrie Green Events!
2019 FruitShare Blitz and Barrie Green Events!

 FruitShare Barrie is sponsored by

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