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We have so many grape varieties in Ontario that it is difficult to provide recipes for them all.

The best way to find recipes for your variety is to do a search on the internet.

Saying all that, there are some things to consider. How sweet are your grapes? You will have to decide if you add sugar to your recipe and how much. Maybe you won’t need any.

Secondly, do your grapes have seeds and do you care about them? Seedless grapes are easy and can be made into many desserts jams and drinks. Seeded grapes have to be blended or cooked (depending on the recipe) and then strained.

Here are some tips for using grapes:

  • Freeze them for little treats. – Kids love them.
  • Add to salads.
  • Blend, strain, add sugar and add water or soda for a delicious drink.
  • If you want to remove the seeds for jam, use a food mill with a fine screen. You will have a fine grape puree. Use the pure to proceed with your jam making.
  • Use sweetened juice for making popsicles.
  • Thicken juice or puree by cooking slowly. Add spices and herbs for a delicious condiment.grape sauce


Broccoli Saladcomm_grapes

Grape Pops

Grape Pie


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