How can you Help?                                                                  Grapes 6                             


Can’t keep up with your fruit? Contact us to help share your abundance. You will be asked some ba­sic questions about your tree and your property. Advance notice is required to coordinate the picks.


Willing to help get fresh food into the hands that need it and get delicious free food for yourself? Volunteers will be asked to complete a short training session. Volunteers could also offer IT or administrative support.

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Leave a friendly note for a neighbor who has a fruit tree. Email us at to obtain flyers.

Community Organizations

By organizing teams of pickers, offering administrative support, and links to other commu­nity stakeholders.

Private Sector

Local businesses can help by sponsoring and do­nating funds and equipment to FruitShare Barrie.

Local Government

By partnering with us to develop the Urban Forest Management Plan that will establish and maintain an urban fruit forest providing free fruit to resi­dents for years to come.

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