Hillcrest Tree PlantingWe are Barrie’s leaders in fruit tree stewardship! Our volunteers are committed to rescuing the extra fruit growing in Barrie and sharing it with those in need. We care deeply about making sure no fruit goes to waste, and that everyone has healthy food to eat. We are thrilled to work with schools across Simcoe County to empower students with their food security and schoolground greening initiatives. Our interactive presentations foster a deeper understanding of the environment and the food system. We believe that when students have a hand in growing their own food they will become active environmental stewards.

Whether you are part of an EcoTeam, or a teacher who wants fun and engaging ways to educate students, we have a presentation for you! Our curriculum-linked workshops educate students on fruit trees and how they relate to the environment, including the social, psychological, and health benefits of planting and caring for fruit trees. Are you looking to plant fruit trees or berry bushes as part of your school’s food security initiatives? We will tailor the presentation to suit your school’s needs, including food skills and nutrition demonstrations.

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Presentations and Workshops*

Fun with Fruit!

In this interactive presentation, students will learn about the different kinds of fruit, nutrition facts, and how fruit trees benefit the environment. Our “Local or Tropical” and “Guess the Fruit” games will engage students in learning about what kinds of fruit grow right here in Ontario. Students will also learn what kinds of yummy snacks they can make with fresh fruit, and will get to sample some fruit leather.

Bury me in berries!

In this fun and interactive presentation, students will learn about the benefits of berries. We will help your school plant a berry bush, and teach the students how to maintain and harvest it. Students will also learn how to make dried fruit granola, and the school will get to keep the dehydrator!

All About Apples!

So you have an apple tree? In this fun and interactive presentation, we will cover everything students need to know about apples. Students will learn proper picking techniques including ladder safety, and they’ll even get to design their own fruit picker and compete in an apple-peeling contest! After this presentation students will want to be eager to be environmental stewards!

Plant a fruit tree, change the world!

This presentation is for schools that are taking the first step to planting fruit trees on school property. We will work with your class or Eco Team to ensure you have all the tools needed for a successful tree planting. Students will learn how to plant, care for, and harvest fruit trees. Students will learn how to prevent pests such as wasps, and even why wasps are beneficial to the ecosystem! Be a Harvest Hero – change the world!

*Each workshop will be tailored to suit your school’s needs.