IMG_20170703_1944269It has been a rainy summer this year, but that hasn’t stopped FruitShare volunteers from making sure that no fruit goes to waste!

Volunteers have harvested 55 lbs of fruit from 8 properties so far this year. Of that, 34 lbs were donated to local social service agencies. The types of fruit harvested were: service berries, cherries, currants and apples. Volunteers have also been busy making preserves for local social service agencies. Thank you to the volunteers for making and donating apple butter, service berry jam, and currant jam out of the fruit they harvested.fruit share jam

Since launching in 2013, FruitShare has picked 13,166 lbs of fruit!

Thank you to the generous tree/bush/vine owners for sharing fruit!

We have also been busy working on urban agriculture activities as part of the umbrella group the Urban Pantry Project. If anyone is curious about the Urban Pantry Project, or would like to get involved in community gardening, indoor growing, or food security initiatives, send an email to

Lastly, stay tuned for a fruit tree planting at the Sunnidale Arboretum in October!

If you want to get involved, sign up here.

What have we been up to?
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